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On Site Waste Characterization Analysis

You can trust TIER’s expertly trained field chemists and chemical technicians to follow established QC protocols and perform accurate on-site analysis of hazardous and non-hazardous waste for the purpose of field screening, or for more definitive requirements. Our professional staff uses state-of-the art methodologies, equipment and software to effectively analyze your waste to ensure proper characterization, reduced laboratory costs, and faster turnaround of results.

QA/QC Analysis of Incoming/Outgoing Products & Waste

At TIER’s laboratory in our Bedford, Ohio facility, we perform analysis on incoming waste streams, as required by the WAP (waste acceptance program) in our Part B permit. In addition, we evaluate samples from clients for the purpose of reclaiming or recycling the waste material. Using bench scale models of the thin film evaporator and the fractionation column, TIER can determine the yield of the materials being considered for reclamation/recycling. TIER also uses this laboratory to perform analysis on outbound wastes and products rendered by reclamation/recycling efforts.

Waste Sampling & Certified Third Party Laboratory Characterization Analysis

Waste and material sampling for certified laboratory analysis is very common in the environmental industry. TIER has alliances with several certified third party laboratories that perform onsite sampling. We ensure the proper container selection as well as compliance with standard sampling practices—from the chain of custody through the final analysis report. Expedited turnaround times for the analysis results are available.

Soil/Groundwater Sampling & Analysis

During remediation activities, soil and groundwater sampling is critical. Whether determining the extent of contamination prior to cleanup, or to ensure that clean-up efforts have been successful in removing the contamination, numerous samples are required. TIER provides the proper sampling containers and collects the appropriate sample amounts during the remediation event. Samples are then offered through a chain of custody, to a certified third party laboratory for the required analysis. TIER also assists in reading and interpreting the results, and offering recommendations for the appropriate next step in the remediation process.