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Lab Packing of Outdated Chemicals

TIER’s highly trained field chemists are skilled at identifying, categorizing, and properly packaging all of your laboratory’s outdated chemicals safely and efficiently. We maintain strict compliance with the latest DOT and EPA guidelines, as well as state and federal regulations. All chemicals are packaged into the appropriate shipping containers—with proper labeling, marking, manifesting, and documentation, before transportation and arrival at the final disposal facility. At TIER, we understand that chemicals can degrade over time, and as their properties change, certain chemicals become unstable—making them potentially sensitive to moisture, movement, air contact or friction. We take the utmost caution and follow health and safety best practices for all lab packing services. In addition to focusing on safety and compliance, we also strive to select those packaging methods that maximize usable space and control your costs.

On-site Waste Management Services

When your laboratory management and disposal needs are ongoing, TIER can create a plan to routinely collect, consolidate, package and remove waste at pre-determined intervals that work best for you. We can also inspect your site, and prepare paperwork and permit reviews, to ensure your facility is fully compliant. By providing a full range of resources to meet your specific needs, we deliver a customizable, comprehensive solution to improve your collection efficiency and on-site waste management program.

Laboratory Chemical Relocations

TIER is uniquely qualified to perform your laboratory relocation, whether you move across the street or across the state or country. We hold a special provision allowing us to lab pack virgin chemicals for transport to a secondary location, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure your relocation goes smoothly and safely, whether a single laboratory or an entire research building. We follow all state and federal regulations, and provide all materials required for the move, from packing peanuts to vermiculite, coolers, and appropriate containers.

HazScan—Unknown Chemical Analysis

Prior to packing, moving, or disposing of any unknown chemicals, each must be categorized to ensure proper handling. For this reason, our field chemists will conduct a series of strip tests with all unknown chemicals or substances, so you can be confident everything in your lab is packed and disposed of safely. TIER’s highly trained chemists and chemical technicians can perform this analysis on-site, alleviating the need for costly analytical services, saving you time and money.