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Vessel Cleaning

Vessel Cleaning

Comprehensive Services for all Your Vessel Cleaning Needs

While vessel cleaning appears to be a straightforward proposition, it can be a complex undertaking with serious environmental risks and financial implications. Not only must tanks and other vessels be properly cleaned to adequately prepare for inspection and repair, it is also important to maintain containers to ensure maximum capacity and functionality.

TIER has the expertise and knowledge to safely and reliably perform a range of vessel cleaning services—including the removal of volatile compounds and elements, as well as high hazard chemicals from railcars, tank trailers, ISO containers, and more. Our fully permitted facility in Niagara Falls, NY, is equipped with seven operational bays to provide vessel cleaning required for cargo changes and inspections. TIER’s highly skilled technicians are qualified to remove virtually all types of chemical residues—using specialized equipment and a wide range of treatments to ensure each vessel is safely and efficiently cleaned.


TIER’s Niagara Falls, NY cleaning facility is accessible via rail from anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. With indoor storage for up to 16 railcars, TIER provides specialized and routine railcar cleaning for removal of residual materials from sodium—with many unique and hazardous characteristics—to oil. When performing confined space entry, our highly trained technicians take every precaution to avoid potential flare-ups—including closely climate-controlled environments and using state-of-the-art respiratory equipment.

Tank Trailer

As specialists cleaning tankers that transport high hazard chemicals like Titanium Tetrachloride, TIER offers a range of onsite capabilities. For example, we employ specialized procedures and equipment for cleaning vessels hauling water-reactive chemicals. For handling acidic vapors, our technicians use an onsite air handling system that directs the gases into our state-of-the-art scrubber. Of course, our facility also includes a range of trailer washing equipment for cleaning non-hazardous, benign materials when required for routine maintenance, to prepare for inspection, or prior to a cargo change.

ISO Container

ISO containers used for the transport of high hazard materials pose a risk for all those handling them due to the potentially unstable characteristics of their contents, as well as the increased pressure required for off-loading them. While many trailer-washing facilities do not clean high hazard ISO containers for this reason, TIER has the proper equipment and specially trained technicians to service these containers safely and effectively.

Frac Tank Cleaning

Frac tanks are typically used for the temporary storage of water or other liquids, either during large-scale clean up efforts or daily operations. Once the tank’s purpose is fulfilled, it is then necessary to remove the liquids, and clean the tank. TIER provides a full range of onsite frac tank services for up to and exceeding 25,000-gallon capacity tanks, including sampling and analysis of the water or contents to determine contamination levels. For contaminated contents, we take the appropriate steps to remove the liquid and transport it to an approved TSDF, including our own facility. Once empty, we then remove any mud, or remaining sludge and solids, and finally, pressure wash the interior.

Tote Cleaning & Inspection

TIER performs cleaning and inspection services for totes in a range of styles and configurations including carbon and stainless steel, and aluminum. Whether they contain hazardous or non-hazardous chemicals, solvents or other contents, we can employ any one of the methods we use to clean larger vessels. If necessary, TIER also offers testing and re-certification of your totes, along with the proper documentation indicating DOT compliance.