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Storage Tank Management

Storage Tank

Trust TIER for all Your Storage Tank Management Needs

Storage Tanks vary considerably, from above-ground storage tank systems (ASTs) to underground storage tank systems (USTs). However, there is one shared characteristic of many older storage tanks: they are made from steel—a material that corrodes and leaks, often contaminating the surrounding soil and groundwater.

Given the severity of risks commonly associated with storage tanks, it is important to select a provider well versed in all areas of Storage Tank Management. TIER has the expertise to handle large and small-scale tank removal and installation—including planning, testing/monitoring, securing permits, and proper disposal of contaminated soils and/or groundwater. We can also provide a full range of routine maintenance, cleaning and inspection services for all your AST and UST needs. Let us evaluate your specific storage tank situation, requirements and goals, and then establish a plan to achieve them safely and cost-effectively.


At TIER, we have removed underground and aboveground tanks of all capacities—from 300 to 60,000 gallons, and containing a variety of petroleum products, solvents and chemicals. For flammable solvents, we modify the removal process to eliminate the risk of combustion. In addition to content considerations, TIER also manages and stabilizes the excavation process to prevent soil collapse. We carefully evaluate soil characteristics and water table location to determine if a shoring system is required. Whatever complexities are present, TIER has the technical knowledge and experience to establish and execute a sound plan for the safe and efficient removal of your storage tank.


Storage tanks come in a range of configurations—and can contain an even broader array of liquids, solids and sludge. TIER has significant experience evaluating each company’s unique circumstances to specify the proper tank, following all regulatory specifications, and securing the proper permits required for installation. The process also involves considerable planning, and where needed, can include removal of an existing tank. We carefully consider all phases of the operation to effectively engineer the most appropriate solution, including pre-installation testing, site preparation, proper disposal of the existing tank, post-installation testing, and submission of required reports and filings.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Tank cleaning poses inherent challenges and risks. Often containing hazardous materials, tank interiors must be cleaned by trained and certified professionals who can manage and minimize the environmental and safety hazards associated with exposure to toxic, caustic or acidic chemicals, highly flammable liquids and solids, or petroleum products. In addition to using only highly trained technicians, TIER employs best practices, safety protocols, and project planning—all designed to minimize risk while maximizing efficiency. TIER can provide a plan to safely and cost-effectively clean and maintain your tanks, whether above ground or underground, and for virtually any industry or use.


TIER can routinely inspect your UST or AST to ensure it complies with all state and federal regulations. While we can establish a customized inspection plan, we typically include evaluation of the system’s containment devices, catch basins, and leak detection mechanisms, as well as sumps and spill buckets. We will conduct tightness testing or ultrasonic tank wall thickness testing to ensure your system is highly functional and compliant. Should you require repairs or component replacements, TIER will submit an estimate, and upon approval, perform the work.