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Soil Remediation Services

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Soil Excavation, Disposal & Site Restoration

When soil becomes contaminated due to an emergent event such as a fuel oil spill, or over a period of time, resulting in lead or toxaphene contamination, TIER can mobilize an expert team to properly remediate and restore your site to full functionality.

Whether we are excavating less than 100 tons of soil or more than 10,000 tons, we use safe and effective methods to remove the impacted material and then transport it away from your site for proper treatment. In most cases, contaminated soil must be properly disposed; however, where feasible, TIER will evaluate the soil for secondary use—such as construction fill or road base material. Once the soil is excavated, we manage the final phase of the project, bringing in the proper fill and ensuring the stability of your site.

Dewatering & Solidification

Sludges and wet solids can pose special challenges when remediating a site—since the options for disposal are sometimes limited and costly. TIER offers dewatering as an alternative, to reduce both the volume of waste and cost for disposal, as well as to potentially recover usable materials. Where appropriate, TIER uses geotubes, a simple yet efficient and cost-effective technology. By mixing the sludge with a polymerization agent, and then pumping this mixture into the geotube, a chemical reaction occurs and water is released. Under pressure, the water is then forced through the holes in the tubes’ woven material. The resulting solid can sometimes be reused in either farm applications or manufacturing.

Lagoon Closures

Lagoons or water basins may become polluted and require decontamination and in some instances, excavation, before closing. After the initial dewatering, TIER will remediate the entire impacted area, in and around the lagoon. The final stages before closure include capping the lagoon with clean sand and topsoil.

Remediation System Installation

Once an analysis of the site is performed to identify the lateral and vertical extent of the affected areas, TIER can install the appropriate remediation system to treat the contaminated soil or groundwater. We have extensive experience in a variety of biological, chemical and physical treatment system installations, including, but not limited to:

  • Bioremediation: introducing microorganisms that help decompose the environmental pollutants
  • Air Sparging: injecting compressed air into contaminated groundwater or soil to remediate volatile organic compounds (VOCs). As the bubbles rise, the contaminants are trapped and carried to the surface.
  • Soil Vapor Extraction: using heat and electricity to vaporize soil contaminants, which then separate into either liquids or vapors, so each stream can be treated appropriately
  • Pumping & Treatment: pumping groundwater to the surface, so impurities can be removed using either biological or chemical treatments