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Industrial Maintenance

Industrial Maintenance

Comprehensive Services for all Your Industrial Maintenance Needs

Process Line Decontamination

Whether you require routine or scheduled industrial maintenance, or if you encounter an emergency due to a spill or equipment malfunction, TIER offers reliable and expert cleaning and decontamination services to keep your manufacturing line operating at peak efficiency. We can evaluate your production process and provide a customized industrial maintenance plan to help you avoid costly downtime. Trust TIER’s project management team and skilled environmental technicians for the expertise and reliable equipment necessary for successful and ongoing decontamination of your manufacturing line.

High Powered Vacuuming

TIER’s high-powered vacuums have a suction velocity of 5200 CFM, allowing us to tackle removal of your most difficult-to-handle materials including sludge, fine powders or even concrete pieces. This high-powered approach provides an efficient and cost-effective solution. Equipped with the appropriate length and type of hose, our vacuums enable access to most areas of your facility—and whenever possible, without disrupting your operations.

Air Handling System Cleaning

As part of your HVAC system, the air-handling unit in your facility plays a vital role in maintaining an energy-efficient, productive, and safe environment. The ductwork typically found in these systems can become partially obstructed—or even blocked—resulting in operating inefficiencies or potentially hazardous work environments. TIER can remove particulate matter, including solids, liquids and bioaerosols, as well as organic and inorganic gases from your air handling system. In hazardous environments where toxic contaminants are a factor, our highly skilled environmental technicians use SCBAs (self-contained breathing apparatus) to ensure complete and safe removal of the hazardous materials.

Cooling Tower System Cleaning

If your facility uses water to cool your manufacturing equipment, then you already realize the importance of properly maintaining your cooling towers. An ideal breeding ground for many organisms, including the infamous Legionella bacteria, your cooling towers should be regularly disinfected—at a minimum of twice per year. TIER also offers chemical and manual treatments for all areas of the cooling tower, including fan housings, tower basins, and distribution pans. 

Infectious Material Decontamination

Not only are animal feces corrosive and potentially damaging to your facility, they can also carry and spread tuberculosis, and other serious lung infections. TIER’s expertly trained environmental technicians can apply a tuberculocidal treatment to kill the bacteria, and then thoroughly remove all traces of the waste. We then properly “red bag” the excrement, and follow Biohazard guidelines for disposal at a permitted medical waste facility.